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Tubular Heaters

Tubular Heaters

Tubular Heaters & Finned Tubular Heaters

Used mainly in custom heating applications such as dies, drums, cylinders, holding tanks, injection/blow molding machines. They can be formed into almost any shape, welded (or brazed) to any metal surface, and cast.


U.L. and C-UL Recognized - E177353


Cylinders, Dies, Drums, Holding Tanks, Injections and Blow Molding Machines, and Plastic Extruders.


  • The Hotwatt Tubular Heater has built-in resistance to shock, vibration, corrosion, and temperature extremes.
  • The heater is swaged, reducing the diameter of the metal sheath and compacting the insulation. This insures rapid heat transfer and holds the coil in position for forming.
  • Many formations are available.
  • Long, trouble free service.
  • Made in U.S.A


BCE Hotwatt Tubular Heater Construction

  1. Steel, stainless steel, copper, or Incoloy sheathed elements.
  2. Element wire situated in proximity to outside surface for maximum heat transfer and minimum internal temperature while preserving good dielectric qualities.
  3. Pure magnesium oxide compressed to an optimum density for best heat transfer and electrical insulation at elevated temperatures.
  4. Weld connection.
  5. Cold pin.
  6. Insulator.
  7. Standard post terminal.

Standard Sizes and Materials

The sheath materials available are stainless steel, steel, copper, and incoloy. Standard diameters are: .260", .315", .375", .440" and .475". Diameter tolerance is ±.010"

Sheath Material Max Temp. Allowed on Sheath Max Length of Sheath Max Cold Lengths
Steel 750°F 252" 96"
Copper 350°F 252" 96"
St. Steel 1200°F 324" 96"
Incoloy 1600°F 324" 96"

Sheath Materials and Watt Densities

To compute wattage: multiply inside diameter X pi X heated length X allowable watts per sq. inch (based on the table below).

Application Operating Temperature Recommended Sheath Material Watts Per Square Inch
Clamped to Surfaces up to 300°F Steel 30
Clamped to Surfaces 500°F Steel 20
Clamped to Surfaces 800°F Incoloy 15
Clamped to Surfaces 1000°F Incoloy 10
Clamped to Surfaces 1200°F Incoloy 7
Clamped to Surfaces 1400°F Incoloy 2.5
Still Air 800°F Incoloy 7
Still Air 1000°F Incoloy 11
Still Air 1200°F Incoloy 14
Still Air 1400°F Incoloy 30
Clamped into Machined Grooves 500°F Steel 25
Clamped into Machined Grooves 800°F St. Steel 15
Clamped into Machined Grooves 900°F Incoloy 15


BCE Engineering & Quality Assurance

BCE engineers provide decades of experience in design and development, delivering a wealth of empirical data and experience. BCE welcomes your custom requirement and will design and deliver a part that meets your challenging needs.

BCE is recognized for its commitment to quality and excellence by being certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2015.
ISO 9001

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