Vacuum Feedthroughs, Heating Elements, and Custom Thermal Systems for
Aerospace, University Research, Semiconductor, Medical and OEM Applications

Vacuum Feedthroughs Engineered for Your Application

Designer, why conform your designs to a vendor spec, when BCE will adapt to yours?

Custom Vacuum Feedthroughs

Sixty years of high-tech design experience in OEM semiconductor equipment, OEM medical equipment and R&D yields one of BCE's most innovative products.

Learn what a vacuum feedthrough is here.

Equipment manufacturers and scientific researchers are continually challenged with supplying power, fiber-optic, control, and monitoring cables into (and out of) sealed vacuum vessels. Whether due to space restrictions, special geometries, or number and type of conductors, standard glass-to-metal or ceramic feedthroughs never quite fit the bill. Unfortunately, because of limited options, many designers are forced to compromise and go for an off-the-shelf solution.

The BCE Advantage

  • Feedthroughs Designed to Your Specifications
  • 24 Hour Turnaround on Custom Drawings & Quotations
  • Custom Feedthroughs Ship in 2 Weeks 

550 Feedthrough

550 Feedthrough

Optimizing imaging for deep space applications.

Threaded Epoxy Feedthrough

Threaded Feedthrough

Threaded connections engineered for your application.

high current electrical feedthroughs

High Amperage Feedthrough

Custom high current vacuum feedthroughs.

Flanged Epoxy Feedthrough

Flanged Feedthrough

Flanged connections engineered for your application.

Thermocouple Epoxy Feedthrough

Thermocouple Feedthroughs

Measuring Temperature in a Vacuum? Get BCE Thermocouple Feedthroughs

PCB Mounted Epoxy Feedthrough

PCB Mounted Feedthrough

The advantages of printed circuit board mounted epoxy feedthroughs are "clear".

PCB Mounted Epoxy Feedthrough

PCB Mounted Feedthrough

The best choice in application flexibility, cost, and high performance.

PCB Mounted Epoxy Feedthrough

PCB Mounted Feedthrough

Take it all through the wall with PCB mounted feedthroughs.

Fiber Optic Epoxy Feedthrough

Fiber Optic Feedthrough

Take it all through the wall with fiber optic cable feedthroughs.

Multi Tube Epoxy Feedthrough

Multi Tube Feedthrough

Take all your liquids and gases through the wall with multi tube feedthroughs.

D Sub Connector Epoxy Feedthrough

D Sub Connector Feedthrough

Take it all your serial comms through the wall with D Sub feedthroughs.

Custom Bracket Epoxy Feedthrough

Custom Bracket Feedthrough

Take it all through the wall with custom bracket feedthroughs.

Single Tube Epoxy Feedthrough

Single Tube Feedthrough

Take all your liquids and gases through the wall with single tube feedthroughs.

120V Socket Epoxy Feedthrough

120V Socket Feedthrough

Easy and convenient connections through the wall with 120V socket feedthroughs.

9 Pin Feedthrough

9 Pin Vacuum Feedthrough

When space is at a premium.

Flanged, Replaceable, Multi Feedthrough

Flanged, Replaceable Multi-TC Feedthrough

One feedthrough for multiple collection of temperatures.

Plug Feedthrough

Plug Feedthrough

Simply-designed, versatile and robust!

Heater & Thermocouple Feedthrough Assemblies

Heater & Thermocouple Feedthrough Assemblies

Breaking barriers in high vacuum applications.

18 Wire Feedthrough

18 Wire Feedthrough

Cost effective, brass body construction.

18 Wire Feedthrough

10x Replaceable Thermocouple Feedthrough

Easy to replace, multiple thermocouple feedthrough.

18 Wire Feedthrough

Twin Type-C Thermocouple Feedthrough

High temperature, High vacuum, dual thermocouple feedthrough.


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